Manufacturers since 1945

Franssons Recycling Machines is a global pioneer in the manufacture of machinery for treating and transporting waste, wood, biomass, recycling of plastic, paper and cardboard.

Franssons began manufacturing and design machines in Sundsvall (Sweden) 70 years ago (year 1945) for timber and paper industry, which makes it one of the most experienced companies in the sector.

Today Franssons is a company with international presence, having taken their machinery to the 5 continents. Exports began in the 50s and today the market is 20% in Scandinavia, rest of Europe 50% and 30% to other continents.

Franssons is a family business, where 100% of the capital belongs to the family Fransson. In 2007 Franssons Máquinas de Reciclaje S.L. opens a delegation in Spain with sales departments, engineering and technical services to meet the demand for Hispanic speakers.


Main products:
• One shaft shredders and hammer mills
• Screens for classification of fractions
• Feeder hoppers
• Transport and separation with air
• Washing and drying of plastics
• Complete plants / turnkey

Main Markets

Energy producers of waste wood and biomass
In wood processing residues appear various types, for example cuts and bark. Franssons shredders reduces this wood into chips from 1 mm. to 400 mm. Equipment is provided primarily to boilers where the chips are used as fuel and producers of briquettes and pellets.

Plastic recyclers
Production of plastic objects creates waste which can be transformed inte recyclable material. Secondary waste, such as bottles, film and electronic wastecan also be used as fuel.

Paper recyclers
Used paper and cardboard, specially rolls and bales of briks, are shredded to press and use for recycling of pulp and fiber and make recycled paper.

Energy producers of municipal waste
When valuable materials have been selected from urban and industrial waste, this is shredded to become Solid Recovered Fuel, after separating heavy metals. CSR producers are licensed Waste Managers.



Industrial shredders. Manufacturers and designers of shredders for biomass and wood, fine grinding mills since 1945. Plastic shredders since 1963. Waste shredders for Waste to Fuel transo¡formation since 1981. Single shaft shredders since 1994 and a long etc.

Classification systems We manufacture wood chips screeners and equipment for pneumetic separation.

Conveyors, storage and fansRedlers (chain drag conveyors), belt conveyors, vibrating tables and hoppers for bulk materials. Heavy duty fans for transporting abrasive material such as mineral wool, fiberglass, etc.



Biomass/BioEnergy Plants, Recovery of Processed Wood Waste, BioWaste Plants, Refuse Derived Fuel, Pulp and Paper Industry, Paper Recycling, Automotive Industry, Hazardous Waste Handling, Recovery and Recycling of Plastic Foil, High Density Plastic, Low Density Plastic, Textiles, etc.

To satisfy our clients needs, our major activity is development of new products for new applications and materials.

The large amount of new designed equipment (over 2,000) and the large number of patents and registrations, confirms this.

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