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Our equipe for recycling, waste handling and biomass consist in 3 major lines.

Industrial shredders. Manufacturers and designers of shredders for biomass and wood, fine grinding mills since 1945. Plastic shredders since 1963. Waste shredders for Waste to Fuel transo¡formation since 1981. Single shaft shredders since 1994 and a long etc.

Classification systems We manufacture wood chips screeners and equipment for pneumetic separation.

Conveyors, storage and fansRedlers (chain drag conveyors), belt conveyors, vibrating tables and hoppers for bulk materials. Heavy duty fans for transporting abrasive material such as mineral wool, fiberglass, etc.

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Manufacturers since 1945

Franssons Recycling Machines is a global pioneer in the manufacture of machinery for treating and transporting waste, wood, biomass, recycling of plastic, paper and cardboard.

Franssons began manufacturing and design machines in Sundsvall (Sweden) 70 years ago (year 1945) for timber and paper industry, which makes it one of the most experienced companies in the sector.

The 70th anniversary  party!

The 70th anniversary party!

Franssons celebrates its 70th anniversary On 3 and 4 September it took place the 70th anniversary since the founding of Franssons Recycling Machines in Sundsvall, Sweden. Attendees could visit the
Franssons Spain creates Franssons Air Solution (FAS)

Franssons Spain creates Franssons Air Solution (FAS)

In 2014 Franssons Spain creates Franssons Air Solution (FAS), and the brand ended the year with over 1,000,000 euros in turnover. “We are in a process of business expansion with

In 1945, begins the story of Franssons when Arne Fransson opens first workshop in northern Sweden in Sundsvall, also called the Wood City, for its abundance of wood or Green Gold, in the early twentieth century.



Franssons gives the possibility that your customers will also become stronger and more competitive, by an advantageous financing Franssons machines.

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Since the beginning in Franssons, we have decided to develop our machinery and process lines, both in the field and in the office.

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The work begins when the equipment is installed. Our philosophy is that a plant is more than engineering and logistics.

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The use of original parts Franssons, ensure maximum availability of equipment and a perfect fit.

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