In 2014 Franssons Spain creates Franssons Air Solution (FAS), and the brand ended the year with over 1,000,000 euros in turnover.

“We are in a process of business expansion with a premise: 100% customer focused. With theses two new divisions, Franssons Air Solutions 2014 (FAS) and Franssons Washing Technology 2015 (FWT), we can offer complete solutions, ensuring Franssons quality” affirms Alejandro André de la Porte, Commercial Director for Spain and Latin America.

Franssons Washing Solutions portfolio have incorporated a range of equipment designed specifically for each installation and customer need. The products are designed and manufactured in Spain.

  • Centrifuges for washing and drying.
  • Rafts for condensate.
  • Rafts for decantation and washing.
  • Turbines for transporting materials (Franssons Air Solutions).
  • Automation and adaptation of shredding and washing processes.

Pablo Mallén, responsible for FWT, announces that the objectives of this new long-term brand are strategic to increase market share and meet the trust of current and new customers. Not forgetting the short-term goals which are designing projects with very competitive prices and highly advantageous over other firms, regarding service, warranty and price.