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In 1945, begins the story of Franssons
when Arne Fransson opens first workshop in northern Sweden in Sundsvall, also called the Wood City, for its abundance of wood or Green Gold, in the early twentieth century .

International market. The market share is 40% domestic and 60% is intended for export. Exports began in the 50s and has been increasing over time. International markets for more quota is Spain and Japan.

Franssons Recycling Machines has its headquarters and factory in Sundsvall, Sweden,
where most parts are manufactured. This allows us to take some strict quality controls in all components.
We manufacture the machines in our factory, both industrial shredders, as redlers and hoppers.
We believe that profitability goes through the experience of our team. Quality justify the investment and this allows us to be proud of what we make.

Good design is not enough to make a Franssons machine.
The components are equally important and we only accept the highest quality in the market. We carry out extensive quality controls in all our machines.